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“The duty of a good Cuisinier is to transmit to the next generation everything he has learned and experienced.”   Fernand Point, 1941


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No one knows for sure who invented the Tequila Sunrise, but it was listed in bar guides of the 1960s. The Tequila Sunrise was also featured in the 1976 novel by Cyra McFaden 'The Serial.'

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· Salmon with Hot Sweet Mustard
· Gorgonzola/Sun-Dried Tomato Burger
· Chicken and Mushroom Lasagna
· Linguine with Clams
· Pasta Al Forno Recipe
· Penne Pasta with Pine Nuts
· French Beans with Vanilla Truffle Oil
· Cabbage with Bacon and Apples
· Carrots with Lemon Dill Butter
· Mediterranean Style Grilled Chicken
· Southern BBQ Chicken Sliders
· Mexican Style Beer Can Chicken
· Tilefish and Scallop Risotto
· Avocado, Endive, & Starfruit Salad


· 200 Years for Colman's Mustard
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• Lasagna Awareness Month
• National Baked Bean Month
• National Blueberry Month
• National Culinary Arts Month
• National Grilling Month
• National Horseradish Month
• National Hot Dog Month
• National Ice Cream Month (July is the peak month for ice cream sales in the United States)

• National Picnic Month
• National Pickle Month
• National Watermelon Month
• UK: National Fishing Month (July 18-Aug 31, 2014)

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 THURSDAY - JULY 24, 2014

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“It is not really an exaggeration to say that peace and happiness begin, geographically, where garlic is used in cooking.”
X. Marcel Boulestin, chef, food writer (1878-1943)

Food Holidays - Today is:

• National Tequila Day
• National Drive-Thru Day
• St. Christina of Bolsena, patron of archers, mariners and millers.


On this day in:

1802 Alexandre Dumas was born. French author (‘The Three Musketeers’, etc.) he was also well known as a gourmet. He also wrote 'Grand Dictionnaire de la cuisine,' which he finished a few weeks before his death in 1870, and which was published in 1872.

1910 The first publication of the Paul Bunyan stories of oral folklore, by James MacGillivray in the Detroit News-Tribune. A mythical hero of giant proportions who had an appetite to match his size. His camp stove had a griddle that was greased by men with sides of bacon strapped to their feet.

1935 The temperature in Chicago reached 109 degrees F.

1936 The Army Subsistence Research Laboratory opened. It was devoted solely to developing foods for the Army. One of its first products was the 'Logan Bar,' developed by Paul P. Logan, used in the Army's emergency 'D Ration.' (Military Food Trivia)

1938 Nestle introduced Nescafe Instant Coffee in Switzerland. (Coffee Trivia - Coffee History)

1949 The largest muskellunge ('Muskie') caught with rod and reel weighed over 67 pounds and was caught in Hayward, Wisconsin. (Muskie Facts & Trivia)

1959 Then vice president Richard M. Nixon argued with Soviet Leader Nikita Khruschev while Khruschev was touring the United States. They were touring a kitchen at the time, and the discussion became known as the ‘Kitchen Debate’.


July 23-27  27th Oregon Brewers Festival - Portland, Oregon
July 25-27  36th Annual Gilroy Garlic Festival - Gilroy, California
July 25-27, 2014  Yale Bologna Festival - Yale, Michigan
July 26, 2014  Bacon and Beer Classic - New York, New York
July 27, 2014  New York Tomato Blast - Corona, New York

FOOD TRIVIA QUIZ    (new DAILY questions)

1) Why do pigs wallow in water and mud?

2) How do botanists classify the eggplant?

Native to Mediterranean Europe, this plant is an ancient symbol of wisdom and immortality.
     A perennial shrub about 2 feet high, it is a member of the mint family and has over 500 varieties. Its flowers are fragrant, usually purple or blue, sometimes white, red or pink. They are rich in nectar, and it's honey is in great demand in Europe because of its spicy flavor. Some varieties, have broad leaves; others have foliage variegated with red, yellow, or white.
     Valued by the Chinese in the seventeenth century, they would trade three chests of China tea for just one chest filled with its leaves from Dutch merchants.
     For most of its long history it has been a healing herb (supposedly curing everything from snake bites, eye problems, infection, epilepsy, intoxication, memory loss, worms and intestinal problems) or prescribed as an aphrodisiac.
     As far back as ancient Greek and Roman times, healers advocated it for a variety of ailments. Charlemagne ordered that it be grown in his royal gardens. Arab physicians in the 10th century went so far as to claim that it extended life to the point of immortality.
     It was an old custom to rub leaves on the teeth to clean them and benefit the gums. American Indians used it for medicinal purposes. The oil is valued in perfumery and toilet preparations, especially those for men. Placed among linen, it discourages insects. Also helps repel cabbage butterflies and improves the flavor of cabbage.
     The dried leaves are employed by food manufacturers in seasoning meats, baked goods, and beverages. They are also used to flavor vermouth and various bitters. For years it has been used in the preserving of foods. Now it is known that it contains powerful anti-oxidants which slow spoilage. It is also antibacterial in nature, it is effective in treating sore throats and is even effective as an antiperspirant.

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This website is dedicated to:
· Gladys Ehler, my mother, who taught me patience and how to make Sauerbraten (it is still my favorite)
· Edward Ehler, my father, who taught me a love of books and history.
· Cpl. Thomas E. Saba, my nephew.  Died in action on Feb. 7, 2007 in Iraq.  He was 30 yrs. young.

          Chef James



West Virginia motorists who run down the odd critter can legally take it home for dinner under a law passed by the Legislature in 1998.  The bill lets drivers keep their road kill provided they report it to conservation or police officers within 12 hours.

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Red and white currants are used to make the prized French Bar-le Duc jelly, from the town of the same name in Lorraine. Red currants are also the key ingredient of Cumberland sauce.

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